Virgil is proudly playing DW Drums, fitted with Remo Heads, damped with TruTone dampers, matched with Sabian Cymbals, using Vater Sticks, and Urbann Boards Drumming Shoes, all of it processed through RME Electronics, while wearing 64Audio or Direct Sound – Extreme Isolation Headphones, depending on the situation. When he travels, he uses Ahead Armor Cases and Gruvgear bags.

Below are Virgil's 3 current DW setups.

The Blue/Gray Fade, Purple Heart Shells:
8x10 rack tom
9x12 rack tom
16x18 floor tom
16x18 double-headed gong tom
18x23 kick
16x20 kick, but also has 2 tom brackets installed so you can use it as a gong tom (as pictured)
5.5x14 snare

The magenta to gun metal fade is maple shells and consists of these sizes:
8x10 rack tom = 9 ply VLT
9x12 rack tom = 9 ply VLT
12x15 floor tom = 8 ply vlt
13x16 floor tom = 8 ply X
14x18 floor tom= 8 ply VLX
18x23 kick= 8ply VLX +
18x24 kick = 8 ply VLX ++
6x14 top edge snare = VLT
5.5x10 snare = 10+6
16x18 double headed gong drum= 8 ply VLX +

The green to gun metal fade kit is cherry mahogany and consists of these sizes:
6x14 edge snare
5.5x10 snare
18x22 kick
16x18 double headed gong drum