New Album In The Making!

Virgil Donati’s new album ‘Ruination’ will be released in the Summer of 2019. Throughout the video, as you witness the recording process, you will get to preview some of the tracks, at various stages of development…

3 Videos

Here’s a track from the ‘Beyond Turbines’ project that Virgil played on.

The nice people at Remo provided this video of Virgil performing Rhythm Zero off of ‘In This Life’.

And composer Alastair Taylor once again put together a track on top of an existing solo Virgil did a while back.

Happy Birthday Virgil!

A word from Virgil's webmaster, Jeppe Morgenthaler

Today is Virgil's 60th birthday. It means that Virgil has more than 57-years of unbelievable dedication to drumming and music under his belt, and for that, he is certainly worth celebrating.

Virgil's relentless pursuit to better himself is an inspiration to everyone who has ever worked with him, or witnessed his artistic output. 

As a composer, he is artistically un-compromised and as a drummer he is a unique specimen, capable of things most people find impossible.

I hope you will join me alongside Travis Orbin, Marco Minnemann, (with Bryan Beller and Guthrie Govan) Thomas Lang, Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta, in wishing Virgil a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Virgil!